6 Countries Where People Live the Longest

While we may never uncover the fountain youth, we can certainly get close. Across the world, several countries are on the rise, boasting impressive life expectancy rates. What is their secret? You may be surprised by what you uncover from these 6 countries that are outliving the world.


Life Expectancy: 87 Years


Japan consistently tops longevity lists year after year. The Japanese diet (filled with a small amount of fish, sweet potato and tofu), an emphasis on strong social circles and communities into old age, and a focus on purposeful living are all contributing factors to their impressive life expectancy.


Life Expectancy: 85.1 Years


The Spanish encourage robust living while adhering to healthy traditional dishes that are based on the Mediterranean diet. Spain is also well known for its invigorating warm climate, siestas and their inclination for walking frequently- all factors that boost general health. Typically, Spaniards can walk to and from their homes when they need to do their errands, which plays a role in reducing obesity and reducing their carbon footprint.


Life Expectancy: 85.1 Years


Wellbeing, safety and health are a top priority for the Swiss government. The Swiss have access to top notch health benefits. While the country is extremely career focused and tends to work hard, inhabitants have access to beautiful destinations where they can quickly and frequently unwind.


Life Expectancy: 85.1 Years


Singapore puts healthcare and wellbeing at the top of its priorities. Affordable, excellent health care is available to all citizens. The country encourages an active lifestyle with parks, gyms and programs in place to get people moving. Recently a therapeutic garden was designed to reduce stress, promote horticultural therapy, and welcome senior citizens.


Life Expectancy: 84.6 Years


Australians are living longer than ever, thanks to a health care system that is based on income. Australians are taking advantage of these incredible benefits by consulting with physicians and taking preventive measures to keep their health in check.

South Korea

Life Expectancy: 84.6 Years

south korea

South Korea can thank a diet filled with high fiber, nutrients, fermented foods (which lowers cholesterol, prevents cancer and boosts immunity) for their life expectancy.

South Koreans also have low blood pressure (as compared to Western countries), a booming economy and exceptional access to health care.

The country is also deeply rooted in Buddhist beliefs which emphasize the whole, rather than the individual. As a result, public bathhouses promote socializing which can greatly reduce stress.

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