Diet & Weight Loss Tips – Boost Your Metabolism, Keep Track of Sugar & Carbs, and More!

If you’re following one of our programs or weight loss challenges, the following information will be helpful during the process:

It’s important to remember that rest, hydration, and diet are crucial for best results.

Try to sleep between 8-10 hours a night, as anabolic growth hormone levels reach their peak in deep sleep.

Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration and water retention.

Take a look at our tips and guidelines below for the best diet to achieve weight loss while remaining healthy.

For those doing the Drop 10 Challenge:























For those who have issues with carb control:























A healthy grocery list with a variety of ingredients that can be combined in many ways:


A quick guide for keeping track of sugar & carbs in fruit:



Metabolism boosting foods that will help you stay on track. Maintain or lose weight the healthy way:



Keep track of nutritional content in your food:


Basic guidelines that are always helpful:


For a wide variety of healthy meals that will aid in your weight loss goals, please browse our lean & mean, and low calorie boards on Pinterest: pinterest.com/gymra

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