Short Stroll after Meals May Improve Diabetes Symptoms


Have diabetes? Taking a walk after eating might improve your quality of life. The latest research shows that walking helps reduce post-meal blood glucose levels in people with type II diabetes. This simple habit can make it easier to control your symptoms and keep your blood sugar stable.

Why Walk after Eating?
Regular exercise benefits diabetics in more than one way. Walking appears to be particularly good for those struggling with this condition. Scientists have found that when walking takes place, it can make all the difference. A 10-year study conducted on 41 adults with type II diabetes indicates that subjects who took short walks after eating had a 12 percent decrease in blood sugar compared to those who took a long walk once per day.

Diabetics are advised to engage in physical activity for at least 150 minutes a week. Exercise timing is crucial too. After-meal activity may help prevent blood glucose spikes and keeps your insulin levels within a normal range. However, this strategy may not work for everyone. Diabetics who suffer from cardiovascular disease can develop complications as stress on the heart increases during a meal.

How Does Exercise Benefit Diabetics?
An active lifestyle can help people with diabetes live longer and enjoy better health. In the long run, it can reduce their need for medications and prevent heart disease, obesity, insulin resistance, and other complications. Walking is just one of the many forms of exercise available. Swimming, jogging, and strength training appear to be the most beneficial.

If you’re struggling with diabetes, make exercise a habit. Simple lifestyle changes, such as taking a short 10-minute walk after meals and doing yoga in the morning, can improve insulin response, lower your blood sugar, and aid in weight management. Regular exercise also strengthens your bones, helps build lean muscle, and keeps your metabolism up. On top of that, it reduces the harmful effects of stress and balances your mood. So, are you ready for a quick workout?

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