Living Alone? Here are a Few Tips to Make the Most of it!

Deck Out Your Space With Houseplants

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One of the most attractive aspects to living alone is the freedom to decorate however you please! Houseplants give a home a lively, lived in appeal, and many experts suggests filling your home with plants. Health and wellness experts of Maple Holistics, Caleb Backe states, “While plants don’t necessarily make the best house guests like a pet or other human beings would, they often help to literally fill up the empty spaces in your home and can take your mind off things when you’re bored or lonely (at least I find that they help me feel more centered).”

Limit The Amount Of Time You Spend On Social Media

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Social media is a great way to remain connected to the people and issues that you care about – however it can also increase feelings of loneliness. Certified relationship coach Chris Armstrong says, “This may seem counterintuitive, but the reality is Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are full of moments wherein other people are doing social things…Spending too much time focusing on social media will have you comparing others’ lives and experiences to your own or resenting other people for doing things that you are not doing.” Rather than focusing on all the activities and events that you’re missing out on through social media, commit to making plans with friends or pick up a hobby or activity that you can immerse yourself in.

Regularly Skype or Facetime Your Friends And Family

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When you’re living alone it can be easy to get swept away in the routine of your busy life. Making a Facetime or Skype date with your family or friends will remind you to keep in touch and it can greatly boost your mood! Board Certified Coach and Licensed Clinical Psychologist Marsha Ferrick says, “It might be someone you talk to on a regular basis or someone that you haven’t talked to in a while…Have a list a people you would like to keep in touch with and go through that list and periodically give them a call. Oftentimes it helps just to reach out to somebody else and see how they’re doing.”

Sign Up For A Class


Meet new people and learn something new by taking a class! Signing up for a class gives you a reason to leave your apartment while creating valuable, new experiences. Business coach and co-founder of Fireball Network Deena Baikowitz says, “This helped me meet new people and improve my sketching skills (which helped me develop new materials for my business and for my clients), and gave me a chance to use my creative talents…If you’re not sure what you want to commit to, try an intro to improv comedy class, or a free or inexpensive first-time workout class.”

Make To Do Lists


Forget your boring to-do lists for your errands or work tasks and start making a variety of fun to-do lists! These lists can range from recipes that you’d like to make, activities you’d like to do on your next trip, or a list of films you’d like to see. Online dating columnist, Adivah Israel of She! Magazine says, “One of the things I’ve done in the past few months to combat loneliness is to make two new lists: inexpensive or free activities that can be done out and about (either alone, with friends, or on a date) and enjoyable activities that I can do when I’m home alone… other than Netflix and wine…The second list has become quite extensive, but some of the activities it includes are: downloading second language apps and learning to speak a different language (Italian, if you’ve just watched or read Eat, Pray, Love); pulling out an old cookbook and making something intricate that you normally don’t have the time or patience for; planning a dinner or cocktail party; and getting out a pen and paper and writing someone you love or miss an old-fashioned letter and mailing it.”

Embrace Natural Sunlight

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Health blogger Noman Sarwar recommends flooding your home with plenty of natural light. He says, “Natural light is a mood booster, so open your curtains in the daytime to feel connected with the world…By doing this, you’ll feel your day fill with energy that can hammer the feeling of being alone.”

Foster Or Adopt A Pet


If you have the means and the time, adopting or fostering a pet can curb loneliness and offer companionship! Senior editor of K9 of Mine, Megan Marrs states, “One easy way to curb loneliness when you live alone is to get yourself a canine companion…Dogs just don’t give you a furry cuddle buddy to talk to — they can also do wonders for your social life. Take your dog to the dog park or participate in a training class and you’ll be bound to make tons of new four-legged and human friends. There are even doggie playdate apps like BarkHappy designed to help you get together with fellow dog owners.”

Make A Gratitude List


If you’re feeling lonely, take a moment to pause and think about all of the great things about living alone! Dr. Bradley Nelson, holistic physician and author of, The Emotion Code, says, “It may seem like everything is bad in your life and you don’t have any good things going on, but if you think about it, you may [actually find things you love about your current life].” Keeping a gratitude list of all the wonderful things you have going for you – including living alone – can keep things in perspective!

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